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Kamaljit S Paul, M.D.

Dr. Kamaljit S. Paul, one of America's leading neurosurgeon, specializes in disorders of the brain and spine. His office, Valley Neuro/Microneurosurgery, S.C., is located in the Mercy Medical Complex in Oshkosh, WI. In November of 2008 and 2009 he and his office were honored with a Patients' Choice Award. This honor reflects the difference he has made in people's lives through the exceptionally high praise granted to him by his patients.Along with a sincere commitment to providing individualized patient care, he has been on the forefront of performing new FDA approved procedures to bring relief to patients for many years.


After completing his medical training in India and England, Dr. Paul came to the United States to continue his education in neurosurgery, trauma and injury to the spine and brain. He finished a two year fellowship in 1986 at the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medicine, Shock and Trauma Unit, at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Dr. Paul was an active participant in the Spinal Cord & and Head Injury Prevention Program sponsored by American Association for Neurosurgeons and congress of Neurosurgery cited by President Ronald Reagan. He is one of the few Wisconsin doctors qualified to perform Vagus Nerve Stimulation (a procedure for treating epileptic seizures), unilateral and bilateral Deep Brain Stimulation (a procedure for treating tremors), Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation (to control Parkinson Disease), as well as the new Artificial Disc Replacement (for Degenerative Disc Disease). He also holds twelve U.S. patents for the invention of surgical devices. Dr. Paul is noted as being the first neurosurgeon in Northeast Wisconsin to perform Interbody Fusion after FDA approval in 1996.

In addition to participating in numerous medical researches, Dr. Paul has served as a consultant in several medical product related projects and presented many papers in National and International Neurosurgery and other professional journals. He has also done grand round lectures at the University Hospital, UW- Madison as he continues to actively teach new techniques to spine and neurosurgeons around the Fox Valley, Madison, and Milwaukee area. He continues to be very active both socially and culturally as well.

For is distinguished achievements in microneurosurgery, Dr. Paul was awarded a state award, the "Punjab Gaurav Sanman" in 2001. Also awarded to him was the highest civilian award for achievement, the "Padma Shri," in 2002. The Padma Shri is the equivalent to the U.S. Congressional Honor Award, and was awarded to him by the President of India recognizing him for his distinguished service to the larger community. An article acknowledging this accomplishment was published in the "Affinity Weekly," April 29, 2002 (see link below). In addition to television coverage, newspapers around the Fox Valley have published articles pertaining to his many achievements, as well as professional journals.

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